Warm Welcome to Everyone Who Loves Jesus…

To start off, I am just an average joe (reborn) to serve God & his teachings across the world. This little website is my doorway to spread the message of God, Jesus and everything that concerns christianity! Everything has a purpose and so does this site; I just wanted to reassure my faith in Jesus Christ through some of the favorite bible scriptures. During the most difficult years, these sacred scriptures gave me the strength to deal with manic depression and other problems. Through the divine prayers, I was able to re-connect with God and become a better human being. The spiritual transformation has inspired me to connect with others who are also suffering with mental disease or health problems. It’s almost as if God has instructed me to stand up and start healing people through this website.Currently the modern world is all about science & technology, however there are some things in our life that can’t be healed or solved by medicine or therapy alone. Faith in god is the answer to everything that science cannot figure out. Some people might not agree but those who believe will ultimately realize the truth and power of healing scriptures. God Blesses Every Soul That Surrenders to Him As the children of God, we are blessed to be living this magical life & enjoy the fruits of our journey. God has brought us into this world through his divine power; we must not forget that he never asked for anything in return! Besides that, God has set our souls to be free & gifted us the will to do anything in life. The least we can do is remember him through the prayers and scriptures in Bible. Let’s begin the journey!